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Social Networking Online: How to Attract and Sponsor Into Your Business With Web 2.0

MLM, the Internet and You: How to Build a Successful Network Marketing and Direct Sales Business Online

Power Recruiting: How to Sponsor Your Dream Team

MLM Bootcamp: How to Build a Successful Direct Sales and Network Marketing Business

Street Smart Scripts: Turbo Charge Your Prospecting Calls by Saying the Right Thing Every Time

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Social NetworkingSocial Networking Online: How to Attract and Sponsor Into Your Business Using Web 2.0

In this information packed CD series, Jackie Ulmer shares the concepts, tools and strategies that she has used to find, attract and sponsor over 1200 people into her Networking Marketing program and build a multi million dollar business, using the Internet and her telephone.

You'll learn exactly what this type of online marketing is; how it works; how to set up a marketing system and 30 minute daily strategy in; avoiding overwhelm and the 10 Tips for Success and 10 Things to Avoid. You'll also get a complete overview for setting up and effectively using one of the most popular Social Media sites - Facebook.

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  • Twitter Basics- MP3 Download Bonus   - has taken Social Media by Storm! Learn the Basics for getting set up and using this tool effectively. Value - $29.95 
  • Creating Content - MP3 Download Bonus  - Have you ever wondered how to create articles, blog posts, videos and all of the things that make up Social Media Marketing? Relax, I'm going to detail how to easily make a few concepts and hours a month create content that works for you 24/7. Value -  $47.00 
  • Social Media Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day - Download - Simple checklist and ideas for how to set your goals and develop a Social Media Action plan; learn the most important things you must be doing to be successful. Value - $47.00 
  •  Developing Your Online Marketing System - Download Bonus - Learn the components you will want to have in place to create an entire online marketing system that gets you and your business in front of hundreds and even thousands of people daily. It works, I've sponsored more than 1,200 people using the tools of the Internet. Value - $47 



MLM, the Internet and YouMLM, the Internet and YOU: How to Build Your Direct Sales and Network Marketing Business Online

What if you had -

A stream of steady leads, pre-qualified and interested in an MLM who came to YOU?

A personal website, linked right into your company site

Coaching and training by someone already successful in MLM, without leaving your current company

Tested and proven telephone scripts, and techniques that will insure your success

Weekly one-on-one goal setting and vision work

Complete training on how to market your business and your website online

Email and follow up campaigns


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Power RecruitingPower Recruiting: How to Sponsor Your Dream Team

Are you like me? Have you struggled with calling prospects? Wondering what to say? How to say it? How to lead into your opportunity without sounding like a robot? What tools should you be using? Once you've moved beyond your warm market, where do you find quality prospects? How to determine if a prospect is even worth your time?

You'll find the answers to this and MORE in Power Recruiting: How to Sponsor Your Dream Team!

Purchase your copy now for the low price of $47 (plus shipping and tax, where applicable) and get these audio and download bonuses now.

Your Selection Includes Bonus Material

  • Using Tools and a System for Simple Duplication - MP3 Download Bonus   - Success in Direct Sales comes as a direct result of using a system and the tools you use are a big part of the equation. Learn how to use these effectively. Value - $19.95 
  • The Millionaire Mindset - MP3 Download Bonus  - Have you ever wondered why success and riches seems to come so easily to some and yet eludes others and they struggle repeatedly. Learn the simple secret as to why this is. Value -  $29.95 
  • Success Scripts: The Language and the System - Bonus Download - Simple checklist for doing the things we are paid to do - Contact; Present; Sponsoring. The language you use can make a huge difference. Value - $19.95 
  •  Online Social Media Marketing Overview: How to Cash In - MP3 Download Bonus - Learn some simple concepts and strategies to get you online, connecting with and sponsoring people into your business. It works, I've sponsored more than 1,200 people using the tools of the Internet. Value - $97 

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MLM Bootcamp BasicsMLM Bootcamp: how to Build a Solid, Lucrative Network Marketing Business

You don't need to be born with the skills and knowledge, you just need to learn and master them. I'll teach you.

 My story is probably similar to yours in many ways. I wanted a business I could run from home. I was serious about it and not looking for just a hobby. My children were (and still are) my primary reason for starting the business, and I wanted it to run my way and by my parameters.


If this sounds like you, read on.


Have you ever been skeptical about Network Marketing?


Maybe you have signed up in one or more programs and found it to be short lived, not what was promised, or your sponsor left you high and dry with no training or support?


And, if you are like me, you still believe in the power that Network Marketing offers you -


Residual Income

Time Leverage

Income Leverage

Time and Income Freedom


What you are going to learn in MLM Boot Camp is how to select the right company, right sponsor and then how to roll up your sleeves and get to work, without threatening your integrity; your values or your ethics.




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Prospecting ScriptsStreet Smart Scripts - Turbo Charge Your Prospecting Calls by Saying the Right Thing Every Time!

Here are 12 Secrets to Earning a Lucrative Paycheck in Network Marketing by Saying the Right Things Every Time to Your Prospects...

  • New Selling Skills, learn to easily develop rapport with your prospects and have them asking you for more details on your business (page 5).

  • The Art of Asking Questions, learn to play detective and extract your prospect's "why", and have your prospect's eating out of your hands (page 7).

  • Use the Tools, this is a business of duplication and the more tools you arm yourself with and use, the faster your team will duplicate and your paycheck will explode (page 7).

  • The Power of the 3-Step System, always know what the next step is with your prospect and you'll never be guessing how you should proceed. (page 8).

  • Develop the Competitive Edge, there is a slight edge that all Network Marketing masters possess, and this is a LEARNED skill! You can have it, too, and it's the key to your success! (page 9)

  • The How, What, When and Why of Talking to Your Prospects, dozens of tried, tested and proven script to deal with any situation while calling prospects (page 11).

  • 800 Infoline Scripts,  set up your voice mail to work effectively for you and screen your prospects by delivering a message packed with the benefits of your opportunity and inviting them leave their name and number for a call back (page 35).

  • How to Run an Effective Email Campaign, ready to automate your efforts, to some extent? Use these proven campaigns, combined with the personal tough and watch your email box "light up" with people asking you about your business (page 48).

  • Learn to Handle Objections with Ease and Sponsor Them Into Your Business Anyway,  an objection is nothing more than a need to know more. Put yourself on the same side of the table and ease their concerns (page 77).

  • The Great "Take-Away", know when to say no first and take away your opportunity. This easy techniques separates the tire kickers from the serious and keeps your business "rejection free" (page 82)

  • Creating Momentum with Your Team, get your team involved and create a recruiting explosion that is ongoing. Define the leaders in your business and work to create new ones (page 85)

  • Resources to Assist You In Your Business, a listing of the places to find website design and templates, auto responders to automate your email campaigns, pre-qualified leads for your business, and more (page 87).


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