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Step One - Building Your MLM Business Online Requires a Personal Website




Here's a clue and a secret -



There are a number of network marketing leaders who will tell you that you don't need a personal website to be successful, and yet, Google their name and see if you can't find THEIR personal website. Hmmmm.



The clue and the secret - yes, you do need a personal site to really generate success online and it's not as difficult or "non-duplicable" as others want you to think.



Why do they say that?



Are you serious about being successful online? If you are, then you must be marketing yourself and your opportunity with a personal website. This is how I signed up over 1000 people in less than 6 years. These are people who find me online, go through my business details, and contact me directly. 


Sound too good to be true? It's not. It's taken me right to the top of my company pay plan

I also earned  several million dollars marketing online. I didn't leave my house to do it, and I didn't work a 60 hour work week. In fact, I seldom spend more than one hour a day calling leads and yet I still have great success.






Because I have a marketing hub (my website) that works for me 24/7, worldwide and provides most everything one would need to know.



If time and technology issues are a challenge for you, explore the option of having me set up your Online Business System here >>>>




Worried that you don't know HTML? No worries, here are some resources to get your site live in no time.







Getting Your Website Built and Online





Please read through the options and decide which is right for you based on your "technical savvy", patience and learning curve. I don't mean for that to seem scary, because it can actually be a lot of fun to build your own site.



Here are some resources I use and highly recommend for developing your own website. These endorsements come after lots of trial and error. My suggestion – do it right the first time and you'll never regret it.   



I'm going to share two options with you and some detailed information on each, so pay attention and then evaluate yourself so you choose the very best option for you. 



The first option is simple and I have some tools in place to get you up and running in no time. It is totally adequate and you can build a huge business with it.



The second option is an amazing system with probably the best education about understanding what needs to go into building a website that gets ranked high in the Search Engines (and, having said that, it won't happen overnight!)


However,  it is a very intense and somewhat technical process. If you enjoy a challenge, learning, problem solving and want to take on the process of learning more of the technical side of it, then this option is for you. It's not for those who doubt their own ability to get the job done. 



Now, having said that, chances are you don't know me, but I can assure you I don't consider myself a technical person. I am very driven, however, and I like to know why. I have successfully built two website using the second option and am here to tell the story. So, I don't want to scare you off.



It's a good system. It's just going to take rolling up your sleeves and digging in and knowing that it is a commitment of time and learning. 



If this doesn't even sound remotely fun, don't consider it and use option 1!!!





Option #1 - Easier, Word Document Style Template
  is a very simple, very affordable option and has great templates. Nice traffic tracking tools are in back office, too, and it has nice tutorials if you get stuck. And this website builder took several of my sites right to the top. It has an area to teach you Meta Tags and keyword concepts for your search engine marketing efforts, as well.



If you decide to use this option, contact me once you register for your ten day free trial. I have a training video that you can watch and follow right along with to get your site up and going.



You can start, stop, pause, rewind and actually watch it as you build yours.



If you are on my team or in my coaching program, you have access to have this site duplicated and then I'll coach you how to customize it quickly to be your own -



Burned Out




Check it out at  It's as simple as working with a word document, using this builder.




At least give the 10 day free trial a go and you'll be sold on the tools and how simple it is.




Here is the other primary site I built with this site builder, to give you an idea of how the templates are.





Here is an outline that I created to help you with the process, download it now.







Option # 2 -More Challenging, But Highly Educational Option. Decide how technical and committed you are before choosing this option.  , a powerful, template type of website with some amazing features to take you to the top of the search engines in short order. I built one simple, 5 page site and it was ranked number 3 under my specific key word phrase in less than 3 months, without me doing anything! I've since expanded it, and it is still right at the top. Check it out -


They also have a section just for Network Marketers -


Preview the site I built at


SBI offers so much more than just a way to build a website. It is so value packed that it would probably cost you thousands to get all of the tools separately.


Here is what I love about this way of building a website -


  • A complete package of software tools
  • Point and click site building software. You don't have to know HTML, FTP or any of the techie things. Although you CAN use these tools with SBI. You can use templates and choose from their pre-designed templates.
  • Domain name registration
  • Keyword Brainstorming and research tools that are dynamo, this alone is worth its weight in gold.
  • Search Engine Optimization, including the analysis of EVERY page of your website and details on what to do to enhance and optimize it for the search engines.
  • Unlimited hosting space, although this is rarely an issue
  • Branded email accounts that match your domain
  • Graphics tools
  • Blogging platform
  • Traffic statistic and analysis tools - know WHERE your traffic comes from
  • Built in Autoresponder which will service some of your needs
  • Pay per Click research and bidding tools. REALLY helps in the process
  • Traffic Central - in other words, what major methods are people using to find your site
  • Form Builder, to create contact pages, polls, surveys, etc
  • Competition research tools
  • How to monetize (or make your website profitable) in different ways you might not think of
  • And, the one of the best things - Repeated search engine submission and auto-pinging. This mean is that SBI will continue to submit each page of your site to the search engines until they are indexed. It also tracks when the search engines have "spidered or crawled" your page and how it is ranked. Each time you make a change to a page, it automatically re-submits your page. I've never seen any other service that offers all of this!
  • A 10 day process and an Action Guide to get you through all of this so you aren't completely overwhelmed!   

This is the site I most highly recommend as long as you will commit to the process and time involved in learning the system. Beyond all of the tools, they teach you how to build a website RIGHT, and for success. This is critical.

Just like in your business, you have to tell people more than just what you do and what they can do. You also have to tell them how they can do it and be successful.

Same with your website.

Option #3 - Website Building Software


I actually built this site, Street Smart  using this software. You purchase it one time, download it and you can build as many sites as you want. You can host it anywhere, which saves you some money.


The layout and header were all something I choose from within the program, so I didn't do anything fancy. I just chose and added my own text, simple as that.


 Try X-Site Pro Builder! 



Whatever you do, get a website out as soon as possible. Set a goal to have a site built and launched in no less than one week. You will always be changing and making it better, but you must start some where.



Remember, this is the hub of all of your internet marketing efforts. You must have some place to bring your prospects to that you own!



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