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MLM Boot Camp - How to Build a Solid, Lucrative Network Marketing Business

This book is a must read for those who want to develop a solid, substantial business, income and lifestyle doing Network Marketing the right way!


  "Stay Home Mom Discovers Secrets of How to Earn a Six Figure Income in Network Marketing by Choosing the Right Company Just By Knowing How to Find, Talk to, and sponsor People...And Her Approach Works With Absolutely Any Network Marketing Program"

Jackie Ulmer and FamilyFrom: Jackie Ulmer, MLM Trainer, Coach and Consultant

Street Smart Wealth Group

Lake Arrowhead, California


Have you ever dreamed of owning and mastering your own Network Marketing business, and being at the top of the heap, so to speak?

Have you pondered what it really takes to build that 5 or 6 figure monthly paycheck and sustain it year after year?

Have you wondered how to sort through the maze of companies, compensation plans, products and services available and select the right company for you?

And, do you wonder how to choose a sponsor and upline - someone you can relate to, who won't try to "shoe horn" you into their way of building the business, but instead will guide and coach you along the way?

My belief is there is an old system of Network Marketing and a new system of Network Marketing.

It doesn't have to be difficult. And, it should be fun.

Now you can know the secrets to doing Network Marketing the right way and build the business of your dreams.



You don't need to be born with the skills and knowledge, you just need to learn and master them. I'll teach you.


My story is probably similar to yours in many ways. I wanted a business I could run from home. I was serious about it and not looking for just a hobby. My children were (and still are) my primary reason for starting the business, and I wanted it to run my way and by my parameters.


If this sounds like you, read on.


Have you ever been skeptical about Network Marketing?


Maybe you have signed up in one or more programs and found it to be short lived, not what was promised, or your sponsor left you high and dry with no training or support?


And, if you are like me, you still believe in the power that Network Marketing offers you -


Residual Income

Time Leverage

Income Leverage

Time and Income Freedom


What you are going to learn in MLM Boot Camp is how to select the right company, right sponsor and then how to roll up your sleeves and get to work, without threatening your integrity; your values or your ethics.


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Here are 12 Secrets that You Will Learn to Help

You Build a Lucrative Paycheck in Network Marketing

by Understanding the Basics and the

New Wave Way of Building Your MLM Business...


  • Understanding the Concept of Network Marketing, what is Network Marketing, and how does time leverage, residual income, duplication and geometric growth. You've heard the terms, what do they mean to you? (page 11)

  • Selecting the Right Opportunity, you'll learn the key components to selecting a business that is right for you, including product, compensation plan and sponsor. The only best business is the one that is right for you (page 17).

  • Building Your Foundation, what are the first things you must do to launch your business successfully; how to develop yourself; and the facts you should know before you start (page 24).

  • Getting Started, don't miss this chance to get your business set up to run right from the beginning. How to schedule time for your business; set up a budget; and develop the mental mindset that will make you unstoppable (page 39).

  • The Tools and the System, how to use the tools offered by this profession; developing a system; being your own best customer; how to refer your products without "brow beating" your friends; and how to promote your business successfully (page 46).

  • Customers and Business Partners, know the difference because there is one. Not everyone is right for your business and you'll want to know how to share and sort. And, coach a team to do the same (page 56)

  • Duplicating Yourself, this is the ultimate goal in Network Marketing and what produces a large paycheck; it begins with establishing a vision for your team (page 59).

  • Leadership,  leaders are developed and not necessarily born; know the laws of leadership; how to have the right attitude and posture; why people fail in Network Marketing; and your plan for developing leaders in your business (page 65).

  • Building Your Business on a Shoe String Budget, it doesn't take a fortune, so be ready to learn some no cost, low cost and higher cost methods to building your business and finding those people for whom the time is right. That's the key, right? (page 73).

  • Network Marketing Frequently Asked Questions,  Most questions in Network Marketing are a form of objection, and objections are nothing more than a need to know more. Put yourself on the same side of the table and ease their concerns (page 83).

  • More Tips You Should Know, how to sponsor others; building your business around small children; what to do during the holidays to keep your business going; how to ease call reluctance, and more (page 94).

  • Resources to Assist You In Your Business, a listing of the places to find what you need to follow in the footsteps of the successful (page 108).

So, let's cut to the chase.

If you are honestly interested in learning the skills of the Network Marketing masters, and creating the type of business and income you have only dreamed up, you've got to see what I've put together for you.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your decision right now will affect you, your family and those on your team (and those yet to come) who are waiting for your coaching and leadership.

For me, the day I began to listen, be coachable and practice these simple techniques is the day my life and business changed for the better, for good!

Don't you think it's your turn? Order MLM Boot Camp today and set yourself up for the rest of your business life.

MLM Bootcamp - Build a Lucrative, Successful MLM Business!


MLM Boot Camp....How to Build a Solid, Lucrative Network Marketing Business


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