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The Automated, Follow (or Drip) Campaign

The reason (and I mean the only reason!) I am able to personally enroll over 100 people each year is because I have a system (my online marketing funnels) for getting people to my personal web site and a system for capturing their email address, my newsletter and free reports.

Then, I follow up REPEATEDLY through the Auto responder. They eventually get to know me, like me, trust me and partner with me! Remember talking about timing. The goal is to catch them when they are ready!

Please don't miss the importance of this component of your online marketing campaign because it is EXTREMELY important. Why spend the time generating leads if you have know way to track, follow up or even know they were there?

Your goal is to have people come to you and ask you for more information on your business! This is good! And, you must be ready to deliver that information any time of day or night, anywhere in the world.




If you don't know what an Auto responder is, here is the definition -



An AR is a fax-on-demand by email.  It is a computer program, stored in cyberspace that automatically returns a pre-written message to anyone who submits an email to a specific Internet email address.  Transmission happens almost simultaneously.  AR's are used for sales letters, training, follow up, product information and newsletters. 



What about free reports?  People love those!  You can develop a snappy free report that gives your prospect information and gets you what you really want...their email address! 



Your free report will entice them to sign up for your newsletter, and will be promoted on your web site. This free report must consists provide something of value, and also information on your business, the system and the team.  




You MUST incorporate your personality into your web site and your Auto responder campaign. Then, when they speak to you, it is seamless, and they begin the "know you, like you, trust you" phase! You don’t want to just copy someone else’s info, as it is not authentic then, and won’t be really coming from you.



And, when someone signs up or “opts-into” your newsletter or business Auto responder campaign, that gives you permission to send them details about what you are doing.  



This is called a “drip campaign” and gives you the chance to “drip information” on your prospects. The goal is to provide enough information of value, and to allow them to hear from you frequently enough that you again instill that sense of “know you, like you, trust you” with your prospects. 



Auto responders are quick, personal, a timesaver, and work 24/7 all over the world. You can be on the beaches of Greece and be providing information of all sorts all over the world.



Have you ever gotten someone's card with their email address and promised to send them info?  Then, you sit down and can't think of what to say. 



Or, how many times have you dropped the ball and forgotten to follow up and provide more information to a prospect? 



In this business, timing is everything.  Advertisers tell us it takes 7 or more times of seeing the same message before the average person buys!  What if you don't even follow up the second time? 



Want to stop that from happening?  Want to automate some of these time consuming tasks so that your time can be spent promoting and contacting those pre-qualified prospects that have already gone through your system? 



If you are going to be using Auto responders, set your newsletter
up there from the very beginning. Find out more on my system at  



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