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Jackie Ulmer, Network Marketing Trainer and CoachFrom: Jackie Ulmer, MLM Trainer, Social Media Coach and Consultant
Street Smart Wealth Group
Lake Arrowhead, California

Dear Network Marketing and Direct Sales Professional,

Are you sold on the concept of Network Marketing, but struggling with how to make it work for you? You just know there is something to it, because there are people making money; in fact, some are making gangster money, so you know it works, right?

But how? That's the million dollar question, isn't it?

That's my story in a nutshell. I was a huge Network Marketing - MLM skeptic to begin with, and once I educated myself and got started, I was hooked. There was no turning back for me. I was determined (and I felt destined) to become a top income earner and live that great lifestyle.

And again, the million dollar question -  how?!?



I started like most people - made my list; started calling; inviting; following up; sponsored some; had some set backs; learned a lot; and finally moved into the cold market arena.

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I ran ads; mall walked; placed sizzle cards on windshields; business cards in best selling books at Barnes and Noble (please don't report me!); went to networking events (I actually really enjoy these!); went to shows and expos;
tried just about everything.

I finally decided there had to be a way to attract my target market - people who are looking for a business and aren't turned off by network marketing - and get them to come to me. And, there had to be an affordable way to do this.

Are we sounding a lot alike at this point?

Are you feeling like you are spinning your wheels?

Talking to family and friends have left you feeling frustrated and like you'll never get your business off the ground. You may have run advertising or purchased "business opportunity leads" only to find tire kickers and people looking for a job, not a business. Or worse, someone who doesn't even remember asking for information on a home business.

You may have been told to use the "three foot rule" and go out talking to everyone you meet; put "sizzle cards" on car windshields and put up flyers all over.

And, if you are like me, you may have found this to be a VERY slow process.

Your full time job, family, and other obligations leaves you with very little time to put toward your Network Marketing business. You may have even thought about throwing in the towel, and giving up your dream of

  • Being Your Own Boss
  • Setting Your Own Paycheck
  • Total Time and Financial Freedom


So, you've turned to the Internet in hopes of finding the elusive answer that will turn your business around. And, wading through so much information online can be a challenge as well, right?


Well, you are not alone. I had these same feelings at one time. I found the answer and I want to share it with you. It's not as difficult as it may seem, and it does require a commitment to learn and experiment.


If you are looking for the knowledge of how to take your existing business to the Internet, market it successfully online, and have your prospects come to you, read on........


What Others Are Saying About Jackie Ulmer's Training and Products

Jackie Ulmer is the best of the best. She is not a ‘one hit wonder’. I worked side by side with Jackie at her first Network Marketing company as she grew a team of thousands. She went on to become a top leader our profession.She doesn’t just teach it . . . she’s a doer. She practices what she preaches! Power Recruiting is one of the best ‘How To’ programs I have ever heard. It gives you the real strategies, steps and skills for succeeding as a professional network marketer. Her ideas will inspire you to take action. I highly recommend this one. Five Stars!!! Jordan Adler, Author “Beach Money” and 7-Figure Network Marketing Professional

“Jackie is a true expert when it comes to social media, social networking and building a direct selling business. There is not one influential person in in the direct sales industry who does not know and like Jackie. Which means; if you want that kind of reputation, then hire Jackie!” Andrea Waltz, Author of Best-Selling “Go For No” Training Program

“Jackie is a proven and accomplished student of network marketing and direct selling, and has a unique ability to connect with others and help them find true success in business. I highly recommend Jackie to anyone truly interested in building a successful and profitable business working from home.” Eldon Beard,

“Jackie is a dedicated leader with a true commitment to direct selling. She brings a level of professionalism to all she does and is a valuable asset to the industry. Jackie is a giving and caring mentor.” Direct Sales Marketing Training at

“Jackie is the consummate professional. She is an expert in social media marketing and developing strategies to assist you in moving your business to the next level. Whether you have a traditional small business or a home based business, partnering with Jackie Ulmer on any level would be a wise move.” Marshall Gilliam, Owner President at JMG Marketing Group

“I hired Jackie to help me with SEO optimization for my business. She and her partner Leslie optimized my blog posts and website and in less than a week I went from page 2 on Google to the top 5 listings in all relevant categories for my business niche. Working with Jackie was simple and affordable and my results were beyond what I expected. I highly recommend her to anyone considering her services.” Julie Anne Jones, owner

“Jackie is one of the rare people you meet in life who have a huge impact. Her commitment, dedication, integrity, resolve, and persistence has raised the bar in the online marketing world. She leads and directs with keen insight and is an asset to any organization or business leader that engages her services — a true professional.” Jack Weinzierl, MBA Sales Executive

“I found Jackie in 2009. Her website is a wealth of information that has helped me take my business to the next level. After following her advice I learned some new techniques for connecting with my customers via social networking. Her tips on internet marketing are spot on. I have also purchased some of her CD material, specifically: Social Networking Online: How to Attract and Sponsor Into Your Business Using Web 2.0 . This program was well worth the money for anyone interested in learning more about social networking. I’m looking forward to doing more business with Jackie in the future.” Michael Sparks, Independent Dealer / Direct Jobber at AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants and AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers

Great news! You CAN build a lucrative MLM, online, using your computer and telephone, without chasing people you know, or sacrificing your precious family time!

And, you don't have to waste your time on tire-kickers, looky-lou's or anyone else that is not ready and serious about getting started in an MLM business.

 A little more on my story...

I started in Network Marketing in January, 1994. I researched dozens of companies and all types of options for staying at home. I was very skeptical about Network Marketing in the beginning.


Once I educated myself on what the MLM industry is all about, I rolled up my sleeves and jumped in with both feet.

Six years later, I had a million-dollar business, a downline of thousands and an exciting paycheck.


There was one small problem, though. I wasn't truly happy with what I was doing.

I had exhausted the warm market approach. I was tired of the endless meetings, driving all over town to meet with people who were actually looking for a job or a get-rich-quick scheme. And, since I didn't really enjoy the method I was using to build my business, I was not excited about training others to do the same.


I found the Internet in October of 1999, and the rest, as they say, is history. In 2003,  2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, I was named "Top Gun Recruiter" for a Network Marketing company. The 2004/2005 winner took my class, was coached by me and used the methods presented here.


Also, all ten of the top sponsors in that company for 2006 were from my team, and all using the internet!

 I learned how to effectively market a personal website (and myself) instead of my company first. I learned how to attract prospects to me (yes, people do call me first.) And, I learned how to work only with pre-qualified leads - leads that come to me, for free.


They already know who I am; they are expecting my call; they know it is network marketing; and they know the details of my company.

I even sign people up regularly without even a phone conversation!

No more family, friends or three-foot rule. No more spending hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours on opportunity leads who are looking for a job, not a Network Marketing business.

And, I got so good at this that I sponsored more people in six months than I did in six years!


More importantly, I fell in love with my business, the system, and teaching other people how to do the exact same thing.

And, I think that is why you are here.


I love your new site. You have been an inspiration to me the last 6 months. I have been setting up my marketing system online between a full time job and family. When I get stuck I can usually always find an answer with you. This is a bit of a long process setting up my marketing funnel online up front, but well worth it.

I wanted to thank you for paving the way and being a source of guidance for me. I am looking forward to exploding my business when I get my system completed.

With your coaching I know there be no stopping the growth of my online business. These are exciting times for Internet network marketers and am very glad I have you as a leader and coach.

Thanks again,

Paula M.


Hi Jackie,

I bought your e-book MLM BootCamp, I wish I had done that sooner. I have been "recycling myself" in Network Marketing for over 2 years now- I have to admit, I am exhausted:-(

Your website and your book are a breathe of fresh air. Thanks for putting it together.

Very Grateful,

Ismary L.


If you are serious and committed to your business and moving it to a six-figure level, I would like to work with you to achieve this.


And, no, you don't have to leave your primary business to do this.


I have perfected a number of recruiting strategies that, if applied diligently, can double and triple your income - in record time. My training products and coaching programs will work for any company!


I don't make that statement lightly, either.


And, I am willing to coach you on the process. See some of my video training "How Tos" here >>>>>


As an Online Business Building coaching client, you'll have access to -

Personal or team coaching on how to build your business on the Internet

Personal business plan, custom designed to fit you

Coaching on how to develop a personal website or Blog, designed to sell YOU first, and your primary business second. (Don't worry, it's not too techie!)

Automated Lead Capture Training

Setting Up Your Marketing Funnels

Social Media Marketing Training - How to use Facebook; Twitter; YouTube and other Social Sites effectively

Weekly one-on-one goal setting and vision work

Complete training on how to market your business and your website online

Full support as your safety net for success

You'll learn how to create on-going pre-qualified prospects for your primary business


Okay, enough said! Are you ready to take the next step to find out how to make this a reality in your business?

I offer several different things on this site -


If time and technology issues are a challenge for you, explore the option of having me set up your Online Business System here >>>>


What's your next step?


Jackie Ulmer

P.S. If you're actively building a network marketing business and you aren't experiencing the success level you want, how long will you continue? What's your vision for your business? How committed are you to that vision? Do you have a coach to assist you in making that vision a reality? Be sure you look at the entire package that is offered to you through my program.

My friend, what do you have to lose by giving it a shot? Read more in my recent interview in Networking Times!

Google me, "Jackie Ulmer", for more on my credentials!